Unite, Equip, and Resource the Church

The Reformanda Initiative exists to identify, unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders to understand Roman Catholic theology and practice, to educate the evangelical Church and to communicate the Gospel.

About Us

Evangelicalism currently has an incoherent relationship with Roman Catholicism. Many evangelicals are uncertain about what Roman Catholics actually believe. Do they believe in the same Gospel, or something entirely different? 

This question is important for leaders of evangelical churches and organizations and
 for hundreds of millions of evangelical believers around the world. 

We are convinced, in line with the historic Protestant view, that Roman Catholicism is a severely flawed system in need of a radical biblical reformation in its basic theology and practice. Currently there is no global evangelical effort to study these topics, promote new research and share insights. This is where the Reformanda Initiative comes in. Read more… 

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 Our Team


Leonardo de chirico

Reid Karr

Clay Kannard

Gregg Allison

Michael Reeves


Advisory Committee

  • Al Barth, International Director for Europe and Africa, Redeemer Church Planting Center

  • Pietro Bolognesi, Professor of Systematic Theology at IFED, Padova, Italy

  • Lindsay Brown, International Director of the Lausanne Movement

  • C. Hassell Bullock, Franklin S. Dryness Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies, Wheaton College; past president of the Evangelical Theological Society

  • Andrew Fellows, Chairman, L’Abri Fellowship International

  • Wayne Grudem, Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary; past president of the Evangelical Theological Society

  • Stefan Gustavsson, General Secretary, Swedish Evangelical Alliance

  • Jaume Llenas, General Secretary, Spanish Evangelical Alliance; Chairman of the Lausanne Movement in Spain

  • Eugene H. Merrill, Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; past president of the Evangelical Theological Society

  • Augustus Nicodemus Gomes Lopes, Vice-President of Presbyterian Church of Brazil

  • Pablo Martinez, Former President, Spanish Evangelical Alliance

  • Michael Reeves, Director, Union and Senior Lecturer, Wales Evangelical School of Theology

  • Luder Whitlock, President Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary; Chairman of the Fellowship of Evangelical Seminary Presidents 


Learn from Christian Leaders at the Rome Scholars & Leaders Network

The Rome Scholars & Leaders Network (RSLN) is a week-long seminar for evangelical leaders and scholars to come together with leading evangelical experts on Roman Catholicism to improve understanding of Roman Catholic theology and practice and equip evangelicals to better engage Roman Catholics. The RSLN is held each June in Rome and is led by Leonardo De Chirico, a theologian and pastor whose church is based there.


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RSLN Brochure

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