One Year Update: Is the Reformation Over? A Statement of Evangelical Convictions


THREE YEARS AGO, the Reformanda Initiative released a statement entitled, “Is the Reformation Over? A Statement of Evangelical Convictions”, which affirms the principles of the Reformation and called on international evangelical leaders to sign it. The statement, which began with 25 signatures from evangelical leaders, has been translated into 8 languages and now includes the signatures of over 90 evangelical leaders. Over 300 signatures have been received thus far.

In recent times, ecumenical friendliness between Protestants and Catholics has created ripe conditions for some leaders in both camps to claim that the Reformation is over. While the fact that dialogue has replaced persecution is something to be thankful for, the question remains: Have the fundamental theological differences between Catholics and Protestants/Evangelicals disappeared?

The Protestant Reformation was ultimately a call to (1) recover the authority of the Bible over the church and (2) appreciate afresh the fact that salvation comes to us through faith alone. These theological differences remain to this day.

At the same time, what is true of the Roman Catholic Church as a doctrinal and institutional reality is not necessarily true of individual Catholics. God’s grace is at work in men and women who repent and trust God alone, who respond to God’s gospel by living as disciples seeking to know Christ and make him known. For this we praise God.

WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN WITH US in declaring the ongoing need for reformation by reading the statement, signing the statement, and sharing the statement with others.

May the power of God lead us as we submit to the authority of Scripture, and may the biblical Gospel of salvation by faith alone in Christ alone be boldly proclaimed for the salvation of sinners, to the glory of God.

Semper Reformanda,
The Reformanda Initiative Team