‘A Different Worldview’, Interview with Gregg Allison on his new book


Gregg R. Allison discusses his new book, Roman Catholic Theology and Practice: An Evangelical Assessment, with Towers editor S. Craig Sanders.

CS: What was your methodology for assessing Roman Catholic theology and how did you engage with it in this book?

GA: Most Protestants and evangelicals — and I’ve used those words synonymously — most of them take a piece-by-piece approach. So if the Catholic theology is like a wall, you just discuss and assess each individual component. It’s an atomistic approach. And through the influence of Leonardo De Chirico, I decided to take a systemic approach to see Catholic theology as an overall worldview, a complete framework for understanding everything: doctrine, practice, and life. I understand Catholic theology as grounded on two tenets, two axioms. Then I assess each individual doctrine as a manifestation of this whole system…Read the full interview on Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s blog.

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