What’s the Difference, Interview with Gregg Allison


Credo Magazine interviews Gregg Allison on the ongoing differences between evangelicals and Roman Catholics, and why it is important for evangelicals to understand these.

In recent years a number of Protestants have converted to the Roman Catholic faith. Why is this the case?

Protestants convert to the Catholic faith for several reasons (the following are not necessarily in any particular order). First, they desire certainty of salvation and truth concerning God and his ways. Disturbed by the multiplicity of interpretations of Scripture and theological formulations within Protestantism, they are attracted to what they consider to be a monolithic, consistent Catholic biblical and theological position (such a view is an utopian vision of Catholicism that does not exist in reality). Second, they want to feel connected to the church of the past and be organically related to Christians from ancient times. They lament the apparent Protestant loss of traditional/historical moorings, which is evidenced by the neglect or rejection of liturgies, creeds, traditional practices, and the like within many Protestant churches and movements…Read the full interview on the Credo Magazine website.